Accu-Chill™ Cooling

Standard water cooler technology is unreliable. Sometimes it is cold, sometimes not. It all depends on when the compressor is cooling. If the compressor has done it's cooling job, the water can get fairly warm. In a typical Energy star water cooler, that temperature typically swings up to about 50F. That's just not cool enough to be called 'cold' water. Cool yes, cold no.

Accu-chill™ technology is a recent development, that uses ice to cool the water. Ice is formed inside the cold water reservoir. The ice keeps the water around a chilly 40F. As water is used, room temperature water comes in from the bottle, and mixes with this ice, which acts to quickly cool the water down to a chilly temperature.

This premium technology means this water cooler can make a frigidly ice cold glass of water even in the heat of a Arizona's deserts, or during the summer's hottest heatwave.

This feature is great for a large office environment as well. Even if someone has just filled up their gigantic sport's bottle with cold water, the water coming into the reservoir mixes with the ice, speedily cooling it for the next person in line.