Positioning and Leveling of the Water Cooler

  • My cooler is not sitting flat on my floor, what can I do?

    Sometimes during shipment, the water cooler might shift slightly, causing it to not sit perfectly flat on the ground.This can lead to it feeling unstable during use, and can also contribute to the noise the water cooler makes due to vibration.

    To fix this, check if your model has adjustable feet. If so turn them so that all feet rest firmly on the ground. Adjust using a level if you want it perfect.

    If there are no adjustable feet, you can still adjust it. All models of our water coolers are built with durable metal frames. These are held in position with screws. So the metal can shift about with firm pressure.

    If there is a corner that is lower than the rest, hold the top of the unit, and while applying some downward pressure, shift the unit away from that corner, until the entire unit rests flat on the floor.

    If this proves difficult, you can lift the cooler up off the ground by an inch and drop it on that corner. Since our units are commercial grade, they can take a little bit of pushing around. Do not do this on nice flooring, as you may damage it. Instead do it on a piece of construction  wood, plywood or some other  surface that you don't mind banging.

    The weight of the water cooler is sufficient to jog the metal into place.