6th Sense™ Cleaning Technology

If you left a covered glass of water on your countertop for a day, would you drink it? How about after a week? a month? a year?

Water coolers are seldom if ever cleaned.

The water inside the cooler is constantly moving in and out, so that affords some type of washing. But how about the damp area above the water. Inside the reservoir, there is an air gap. This never gets cleaned, and is a perfect area to develop biofilm bacteria, in the nearly 100% humid, sealed environment.

6th Sense™ Self Cleaning technology uses unstable oxygen to kill the bacteria that causes biofilm. It's automatically released several times a day, giving a constant 'wash' to the air gap area. Preventing the buildup of biofilm, that can adversely affect the taste of the water.

This technology removes the additional work of manually cleaning the water cooler, saving time and effort, which can be more productively spent elsewhere.